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Motorola Stature i9 from Boost Mobile

By on March 30, 2009

motorola-stature-i9The Motorola Stature i9 is available from Boost Mobile, is the fanciest prepaid phone available in the US. With i9, you have access to high-end features and a touch of class, along with $50 per month unlimited calling plan from Boost Mobile.

Measuring 2.1 inches high by 4.1 inches wide by 6 inch deep, the Motorola Stature i9 weighs 4.7 ounces. Most of the space on the handset is occupied by 2-inch, 320×240-pixel color external display along with “mode-shifting” action buttons, whereas the internal screen measures 2.2 inches. The i9 boasts of large keypad with flat keys.

You can make the full use of the external display as you can do lot with it without opening the phone. The external display acts as viewfinder when you are using the camera mode. The mode-shifting command buttons located on the external panel allows you to switch on/off the flash, open image gallery and switch to video mode. You won’t have to open the handset to operate the music and video players. To manage all these applications, the i9 provides you with many controls which include speakerphone button, volume rocker, walkie-talkie, and the camera buttons, a hold switch and a programmable Smart button.

The handset can support up to 8GB microSD memory cards. The handset gives you freedom to drag and drop AAC, MP3, or WMA music files to the memory card using a USB cable. You can also create your own playlists. The handset lacks standard headphone jack, which means you will have to use a micro USB–to–headset adapter.

The handset boasts of 3.1-megapixel autofocus camera which can capture still images as well as videos. The built-in camcorder can record 320×240-pixel videos at 15 frames per second. For video playback, the i9 is capable of playing 320×240-pixel MPEG-4 or WMV video formats in full-screen mode.

The biggest concern for the users is the Web experience that they will get from this device. There is nothing wrong with handset but it has to do with the slow network of Boost Mobile. The Boost Mobile’s data network is slowest in US as compared to any other network.


GD Star Rating

  • Jennifer


    I got the i9 exactly one week ago and it has done nothing but disappoint me! The camera, which is supposed to be a 3.1 megapixel camera is a piece of crap. and the screen began going blank every time I opened the phone about two days after I got it. Overall I’m disappointed. Spent too much on this phone for the basic necessities to be lacking.

  • Frank

    I have to agree with Jennifer about the camera – really unacceptable unless in bright sunlight (even choosing night setting). The call quality is exceptional though, which is my main concern. There are glitches with the software when using internet – some sites will cause the phone to “reboot” when trying to open a page. Not an issue for me, as all features besides call quality are secondary to me. Overall I’m pleased, since I’m only concerned with call quality, & I would purchase again if lost or broken.

  • http://technotalks jeff

    I just got this i9 phone… was so pissed off at tmobile for bad service in my area… boost was the only plan that offered me unlimited minutes for 50 bucks… be messing with it all day.. unable to sync phone to laptop and load all my contacts or ringtones…. motorola phone tools won’t work with either bluetooth or usb (micro) which I had to go buy… if I can’t get it to do what I need before my 30 days are up, I’m taking this frustrating piece of technocrap back to Best Buy for a full refund…. I’m still punching in contact info .. one key at a time…
    and Boost mobile has the most retarded tech support people I have dealt with yet…. (at least they spoke clear english)…
    anybody got any clues how to sync this thing up with my thinkpad??? thanks

  • http://www.realpissed.com dee

    its ok.

  • Brian

    Well I went to a boost mobile dealer and bought a Motorola I9 and I776 because my I855 died a little after 1 year. The I9 is OK except for when I try to upload mp3s on my huge 20mb memory card (lol). It only lets me sync 1 mp3 to the card…not sure what the problem is yet? When I bought It I got a car charger, 20mb card, $50 unlimited and it came to well over $420. Know looking back at my mistake I should have purchached all the bells and whistles seperate. Oh by the way…the I776…forget about it…Im still looking for XP drivers to recognize it, and after recharge it turns the transmitters off and you are unable to receive a signal. Technicaly Beat Down Brian

  • steven

    just got the phone a few days ago and I love it. I was looking for something that I could play my music and my movies on and I can do both with this phone. The screen is very clear. The camera is fine for what you are going to use it for. Alot of people complain about the camera but it is a phone camera not a nikon. If you want a good snap shot this phone is fine. I used it outdoors and indoors and I was pleased. The mp3 players works fine. Again not a stereo but great for on the go.
    The menu is easy to use. I have a bluetooth headset so the lack of a missing audio jack did not bother me. The phone is very nice looking. It feels great in my hand. It is heavy like people say but it feels very solid and not flimsy at all. The flip part works great. Making your own ringtones is very easy. Just record them directly to the phone and assing it to a contact. I think the buttons on the phone are good also. The touch screen part on the outer part is cool.
    Overall the phone is great and I get great reception and I live out in the country.

  • Janet

    I just got this phone this weekend and I am finding it very difficult to setup and use.
    The screen disappears constantly. That is so frustrating ! The menus are too complicated.

    I just lost everything by selecting Standard instead of the *standard under profiles and all my stuff is gone somewhere. The manual does not talk about Profiles at all.
    HORRIBLE manual. When a phone is this difficult to navigate it will be an irritation all the time.
    Very Disappointed. I wish I had looked further.

  • Birdy

    I heard so many people talking about the Motorola i9, it seems like Steven is the only person that knows how to work the Motorola i9, I just got my Motorola i9 and to me that has to be the best phone Boost made. I am not making fun of anyone here I am just saying the Motorola i9 takes very good pictures and videos. Overall the phone is good.

  • Mike G

    This phone is great! If you’re not used to motorola phones it’s probably not for you. The camera takes really good pics and videos with a flash. I just put an 8gb memory card and loaded a twenty five track cd to it and the phone and memory card are unscathed. I suggest a micro sd of large capacity with a usb converter. I can check my facebook and email. I cant watch youtube but thats okay. Boost has the slowest data processing in the U.S. so I am not worried about it. I just want to figure out how to compress jpegs and videos for the stature and I will be happy. If you want easy buy a droid or iphone, This is for the elite. Pray God Bless