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Netflix: Disc Free Streaming To Nintendo Wii, Sony PS3

By on October 19, 2010

Popular online video library, Netflix has made improvements for those customers who access its library via their gaming consoles, specifically Nintendo Wii and Playstation 3.

Starting this week, Nintendo Wii and Sony PS3 users will be able to stream content directly from the Netflix online library, provided of course they have a valid subscription.

This is good news as this new feature will enable these game console users to download directly without having to go to all the trouble of inserting the Netflix disc before they can download or stream content.

The process is quite simple. All that a user needs to do is start up their gaming console, and search for the online store, which are the Wii Shop Channel for the Nintendo Wii users and the Playstation Store on the PS3.

The Netflix application is available for download at the online stores and can be downloaded to the gaming consoles. This is very convenient as this eliminates the need for using the Netflix CD ROM every time one wants to use the Netflix website for streaming content.

The application also comes with a brand new, improved interface which is much user friendly and has stylish new graphics. The Application will allow users to view and browse through online content library and also search for content with subtitles and audio tracks.

Netflix has increased its digitisation over the past months as it faces competition from Hulu and HBO Go, both of which are have steadily climbed popularity charts over the past few months.

The company also launched its first ever application for the Apple iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone , which allows users to stream content like television serials and movies from its online library to their devices. This is not all , Netflix is also scouting foreign markets to increase its user base, and has recently announced that it will be introducing streaming only services for Canadian subscribers.

The rates in the Canadian subscription and the US subscription differ by only a dollar, with the former priced at $9.99 a month and the latter at $8.99 per month for streaming unlimited videos throughout the month.

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