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ACCESS NetFront v4.0

By on January 23, 2010

ACCESS is the leading company which delivers the most advanced software to mobile industry. Now they have just launched latest version of their own multi-platform NetFront web browser, NetFront v4.0. It is really astonishing software. ACCESS claims it is the highly developed, significant and versatile Internet browser integrated with cool features. According to company’s representative, NetFront v4.0 is 20 times faster than NetFront v3.52, which was announced by ACCESS that only improved browsing experience.

This browser is mainly created for mobile phones and devices supported by Internet. It is supported by one of the fastest JavaScript in the world. User Interface is integrated so that we can visit websites and access them at a faster rate. ACCESS has en suited EBO technology i.e. Embedded Browser Optimization technology of Bytemobile by keeping in mind the increasing need of downloading from mobile phones. This EBO offers speed of downloading which is four times of others.

Similar to NetFront v3.52, it also has porting layers and API applications; but it enables devices to perform operation quickly. In addition, it also has some great aspects like animated zooming, visual bookmarks and page pilot that provides a small map that helps in surfing larger sites. NetFront v4.0 encompasses functions such as mini-Window support and Auto-form filling also which make it worth of considering and very promising for user.

NetFront v4.0 is a multi-platform browser and it will be compatible with the majority of platforms available in the industry for instance Android, BREW, Symbian S60 etc. It is very powerful Internet browser and around 850 million devices are incorporated with this browser, as company says. NetFront v4.0 supports number of CPUs like ARM, StrongARM, Xscale, PowerPC, SH-Mobile, MIPS and list goes on. Fortunately, there are not much bad points to note.

NetFront v4.0 gives not only fastest browsing but also the experience of mobile cloud computing. At present only free concept version of NetFront v4.0 is available which supports only Windows Mobile. They are yet to launch it officially. ACCESS has assured that they will enhance the quality of browser and will try to expand the range of noteworthy features. We are eagerly waiting to taste this enormous Internet Browser.

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