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New Application For The iPhone XWave For Reading Your Thoughts

By on February 16, 2011

An application coupled to a detector can read the minds of users of iPhone and iPad. The system takes the form of a helmet equipped with two detectors.

One of them is placed on the forehead, the other earlobe. Connected via the jack of the iPad, and it transmits the information to applications that can exploit them. For the moment the killer application for a demonstration of the system is XWave Visualizer.

The application interprets the mood of the user by analyzing the frequency from its current activity. We can know the state of concentration or ability to meditate and relax. The headset costs a hundred dollars may be used by any publisher in a compatible application. If the system is original, it remains to be proven in other applications to use more concrete. With the application XWave you can enjoy watching the activity of your own brain.

The application itself is free to work with free application XWave requires the iPhone (or iPod Touch, or iPad) and which are actually sensor eSense, which pressed at forehead and gives your smartphone information on current brain activity – certainly not in such detail as the scanner, but for some tasks is enough.

The sensor was developed by NeuroSky , which itself was declared about working on similar applications for smartphones which unfortunately, has not yet entered the market. The sensor has high sensitivity and can pick up weak currents, converting them into signals and passing on the smartphone. It has special algorithms created by specialists of PLX Devices; convert these signals into the team – just to be able to display the current activity of the brain for fun.

However XWave can be used to control a number of other graphics applications for the iPhone, and games - just by thinking, ifyou have enough forces. Typing or using a web browser will not work, but you can learn to control your brain, to relax it or concentrate almost instantly. The developers promise that the list of compatible XWave applications will grow rapidly and continuously.

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