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Nokia intros Nokia 3720 classic, a rough & tough phone

By on July 13, 2009

nokia3720Nokia says that it has come up with the launch of its latest Nokia 3720 classic, a rough and tough mobile phone. The new mobile phone is an IP-54 certified and has the capacity of resisting dust, shock and water. The ‘rugged’ phone, the company says, comes covered in a long-lasting outer cover that is fully preserved to shield its inner electronics.

The Nokia 3720 classic comes in a lot of hues and boasts of being protected against any kind of leakage and sealing as it has been designed in such a way. Plus, users don’t need to fear of its getting any damage during the muddy and dusty environment as the battery cover of it can protect both internal circuitry and the battery.

Markku Suomi, vice president, Connect devices, was quoted to have said that no matter where the Nokia 3720 classic is being used be it in dusty construction site or at the beach the phone is designed in such a way that it can endure the bumps, drops and splashes that jumps around the terrain. The Nokia 3720 classic isn’t rugged only on the outside; but, it can equally function on the inside. So, if you want a reliable and durable handset, which should be suited for any type of environment, then grab the Nokia 3720 classic as it will surely and soundly meet your need.

As its reviews, the Nokia 3720 classic also boasts of offering a superb battery performance and comes with a functional LED flashlight. Its Nokia Maps comes with the 1GB microSD memory card. The phone is also featured with a bright 2.2” display whereby you can easily follow the route in the map.

The Nokia 3720 classic will have the price of around EUR 125 before taxes or subsidies. The phone is slated to be shipped in this summer but no specific date has been revealed.

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  • http://www.azcigs.com Adams

    These are all great models. The thing I like about Nokia is that even though they keep coming out with new phones, they never lose their theme. One look you will know it’s a Nokia Phone and that’s a great achievement.