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O2 Partners With BT to Boost Reception Nationwide

By on February 23, 2010

Leading mobile network provider O2 has decided to strike a partnership deal with BT to eliminate its network problems and boost its reception in remote areas of the UK. O2 is planning to execute a $700m plan to improve its network coverage in the island nation. With more than 1500 site expansions planned, O2 is expecting huge boost in its performance reports and hence consumer base. O2 is one of the major telecom companies in the UK and this deal is considered as a milestone in company’s progress to compete with other giants such as Vodafone.

British Telecom is also expected to benefit from the deal in a way that would improve its market reach. Head of Networks at O2 UK, Nigel Purdy recently commented that recent technology upgrades such as all-IP-telecom and that O2 is working hard to improve its customer satisfaction level and quality of its service. British Telecom and O2 are looking forward to work together and provide an improved way of staying in touch for its consumer base.

It can be seen that with quite a few net companies getting into the business, all established telecom giants had to improve their service quality in order to stay ahead in the competition. With a well-established network all over the UK, British Telecom is considered as one of the main telecom companies in the country. It is still not clear why the BT has agreed to help O2 with its mobile telecommunications project. As BT is the most widely used landline network in the UK, all mobile service providers are natural threats to its business in the country. O2 is definitely the most dangerous of those as it is planning to start landline service in the UK soon.

Market experts believe that the two major companies in the UK must have struck a deal regarding the landline deal for getting BT to help O2 with its project. But, there are many experts who believe that BT is making a big mistake by helping O2 with any such project. In fact, a considerable portion of BT subscribers also feel that the company has no future working with mobile telecom giant like O2 and hence entirely terminate any talks or contracts with it.

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