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Olive launches iMaestro remote control app for iPhone

By on October 19, 2009

opus_iMaestro_iphoneOlive is in news again with its new iMaestro app for the iPhone. The Opus Hi-Fi Digital Stereo can easily and conveniently be placed anywhere in the home. The only one of its kind application can easily control it. The application brings portable control to the Olive Opus with touchscreen navigation menus.

The Olive Opus is also touted to be the standalone high fidelity stereo of the world. This provides customers user friendly touchscreen menu, permitting easy access to music. The digital stereo also brings nearly 6000 CDs capacity of music storage along with complete CD audio fidelity. They are all packed in the size of conventional CD player. The Melody Hi-Fi Room Player can also easily be connected to the Opus device through a wireless or wired network. It enables expanding the playback all over the home. It has the capacity of playing music in almost 10 rooms simultaneously.

Olive is a reliable solution for the customers who are bored by the problem of storage and organization of CDs. Besides, it also works as an ideal solution for the customers who are not happy with low-quality mp3 audio for their music at home.

Dr. Oliver Bergmann, CEO and co-founder of Olive, said that customers can make use of the Opus if they want to rediscover music from their own collections that haven’t been by them enjoyed in decades, and the iMaestro works as the best solution for them to enjoy hi-fi music all through the home.

The iMaestro application helps the customers control and manages the Olive Opus and make an easy access of their music collection. Its full-color touchscreen allows effortless search of music by artist, album, track or genre or by typing certain keywords for a quick search.

It also boasts of providing detailed info of the current song. It includes album’s artwork, artist’s name, release date, record label, instruments, soloists and more. The app provides various capabilities like adjusting the volume, repeating or shuffling songs. The iMaestro application is free. It is available at the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPod touch.

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