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Panasonic HC-X900M Camcorder Review & Price

By on May 9, 2012

The Panasonic HC-X900M camcorder is the top-of-the-line device from Panasonic. It includes almost all the desirable features that one can think of and this is perhaps what makes the new Panasonic HC-X900M all the more important. However, let us take a look at the various features of the same and find out what it has in-store for the masses.

panasonic hc-x900m review

Look and Feel

Basically, all the camcorders from Panasonic look the same, however, the new Panasonic HC-X900M is a lot more sophisticated than the rest. It has dimensions of 2.64 x 2.83 x 5.90 inches and weighs something around 425 gm. The camcorder feels good when held and works just the way as you would expect.

Features of Panasonic HC-X900M Camcorder

Like the other Panasonic HC models, the new Panasonic HC-X900M camcorder also happens to be a feature rich device. However, being the top-of-the-line device of the series, the camcorder has got loads of extra features over its siblings.

panasonic hc-x900m features

The Panasonic HC-X900M boasts of a 3 x 9.15 Megapixel 1/4.1 inch CMOS Sensor, 12x optical zoom, 49 mm filter size, 3.5 inch LCD display, touchscreen controls, optical image stabilization, built-in mic, speaker, flash and headphone jack. Apart from all this, the camcorder can record HD video at 1080p, has 3D recording option, 32 GB in-built memory, 5.1 channel surround sound, automatic iA mode and 16 MP digital picture capture mode.

Closer Analysis

The Panasonic HC-X900M has almost everything that you might require to capture the best videos and detailed images. The 1920 x 1080 pixels video recording, 5.1 channel surround sound, 3D recording ability, CMOS sensor system, Wind Noise cancellation feature and the 32 GB in-built memory are some of the features that would surely woo you.

panasonic hc-x900m

The 12x optical zoom feature and the Leica Dicomar lens are some of the other things of interest. The Crystal Engine Pro II embedded deep inside the HC-X900M, helps in processing the high quality HD videos and images. Apart from this, the tons of shooting modes that are a part of the same, make things further easy.

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Panasonic has indeed worked hard in bringing out something as good as the new Panasonic HC-X900M camcorder. The device sports ample features and is in direct competition with the other renowned camcorders from rival companies. However, like any of the other electronic gadgets, the Panasonic HC-X900M also has certain shortcomings which are sure to come to the forefront as time passes by.

These are early days for the Panasonic HC-X900M camcorder and experts believe, that the device would surely be able to live up to the expectations of the people. This is the reason perhaps that the camcorder has successfully been able to generate some buzz around itself. The Panasonic HC-X900M camcorder is a handy device and the masses can very well lay hands upon the same. If you are looking for a powerful and feature rich camcorder capable of shooting HD and 3D videos, then you should certainly consider owning the new Panasonic HC-X900M.

Price of Panasonic HC-X900M in India

Panasonic is yet to release the price of Panasonic HC-X900M, in India.

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