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Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF2 System Camera

By on November 15, 2010

If you were amazed by the small form factor of Panasonic GF2 then don’t be so anymore. Panasonic has now brought in the Lumix DMC-GF2, which is a 19 percent downsizing of its GF2 predecessor in terms of size and 7-percent lighter than the predecessor i.e. DMC-GF1.

In addition to the remarkable compactness, Lumix GF2 camera delivers exceptional image quality and is extremely easy to operate. The built-in flash in Lumix GF2 prevents vignetting effect with the help of pop-up mechanism.

Lumix GF2 features 12.1MP Live MOS sensor that together with the Venus Engine FHD contributes to the amazing picture quality.

Not just this, Lumix DMC-GF2 also maintains the same picture quality even in movies since the resolution has been upgraded to 1920 x 1080p. Lumix DMC-GF2 supports media files in AVCHD format.

DMC-GF2 boasts of the all new Graphic UI and easy operation that is convenient for the entry-level users to adapt to. Focusing on a subject is as easy as touching on the 460,000-dot LCD panel. DMC-GF2 too sports a customizable Touch Q menu and keeps the often-used features at users’ finger tips.

Movie recording is facilitated by dedicated buttons. In addition, the camera has an iA mode, which gets instantly activated when you turn on the camera. In short, the intuitive interface is the USP of DMC-GF2.

So far as the design of Lumix DMC-GF2 is concerned; the downsizing factor is the most commendable. Added to it are the aluminum chassis that realizes rigid quality, the flash that makes superb shots possible even in the dark and indoors and the strong grip. Lumix DMC-GF2 is available in Red, Pink, Silver, Black and White colors, and hence offers an exclusive array of choices.

The AF tracking function on the camera is really commendable. All you have to do is to lock the subject by a simple touch on the screen and the camera automatically follows the subject. Plus, the function of 1-area AF abets the users to set firmer focus on the subject’s eyes.

Besides, the iA mode comprises of Scene Selector that selects the most apt mode as per the subject. This means if you touch on the face of the subject, then the camera would select portrait mode and if you touch on the background, then camera switches over to the scenery mode. MF Assist enables you to zoom up to 10x.

Lumix DMC-GF2 also features PhotoFunStudio 6.0 software, which enables the users to organize the images systematically. Last but not the least; the camera also comes with the SILKYPIX developer that develops RAW file and LoiLoScope.

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