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Panasonic SDR-H80 camcorder reviews

By on June 25, 2009

panasonicsdr-h80Camcorders as gadgets have always had a strong market share. They have been known for their long zoom lenses. The Panasonic SDR-H80 is no exception in this regard. This camcorder sports a huge 70x zoom lens. The camcorder belongs to the family of standard definition camcorders. As far as storage capacity is concerned, the camcorder enables you to record best quality of MPEG-2 videos for a maximum duration of 14 hours.

The camcorder stores these on its 60 GB hard drive. You can add more storage on this device as you are also presented with an SD/SDHC card slot on this camcorder. The long zoom lens enables you to shoot far objects with a lot of close detail. The camcorder is backed by the optical image stabilization feature. The company has priced the SDR-H80 at $400.

As far as dimensions are concerned, the camcorder measures about 2.1 inches by 2.6 inches by 4.2 inches. It weighs around 12.8 ounces. The camcorder offers a resolution of 800K pixels and the size of its sensor is 1/8 inches. The camcorder features a 2.7 inches big LCD screen that offers a native resolution of 123K dots. The device stores videos in MPEG-2 format.

When you record at the maximum resolution of the device, you will be able to get a recording time of about 14 hours. The rechargeable lithium ion battery of the camcorder lasts about 1 hour and 50 minutes on a single round of full charge. The camcorder boasts of both mechanical and digital image stabilization.

You can find the power input and the USB port behind the battery on this device. A shortcoming is that this camcorder sports a manual lens cover. You can easily adjust white balance settings, color settings, and focus settings on this device. It gives you plenty of options to do the same. It offers a variety of scene modes as well. The camcorder also boasts of both an Intelligent Auto mode and the manual mode.

The video quality is pretty good but you will observe noise and purple fringing around your subjects with high contrast. The camcorder produces decent color reproduction and is pretty hands on in terms of usage. The Panasonic SDR-H80 is an excellent camcorder given its low price tag and high storage space. It is a gadget worth going for.

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    The controls are pretty typical for this type of camcorder. Nothing is so horribly positioned as to make using the H80 uncomfortable, although the record button is slightly too close to the battery.