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Phiaton MS 400 (Moderna Series) headphones reviews

By on January 7, 2009

The Phiaton’s MS 400 is a $249 headphone that is the part of the company’s Moderna Series The headphones boats of a bright red headband accompanied by matching ear cushions. The Phiaton’s MS 400, with its bright colors is an eye-catching device. The Phiaton’s MS 400 headphones boats of lively bass and highly clear sound. These features are ideal for listeners who prefer to listen to genres like rap, hard rock, and electronic music.

The Phiaton’s MS 400 have cushioned cups that rest comfortably on the listeners ears. The cups may start pressing on the ears after prolonged usage. But this is little of a concern as compared with the overall quality that the headphones offer. The headphones are supplied in a black zip-up hard case. A 6.3mm stereo adapter is also included in the Phiaton’s MS 400 pack. The company also provides a user manual with the headphones pack.

The audio performance of the Phiaton’s MS 400 headphones is acoustically overwhelming. The headphones result in a boosted bass and boosted high-mids. This makes the vocals to seem extra crisp at best. The headphones make the high frequencies above 5 kHz to drop off significantly. The sound of Phiaton’s MS 400 headphones is equal to if not better than the sound of its competitor Monster Beats by Dr. Dre. The MS 400 holds a consistent response in subwoofer area, between 20 and 70 Hz. Even if the user goes for the maximum volume, the sound doesn’t seem distorted in any way. The intense bass frequencies seem very impressive even at maximum volume. The head set is very great for guitar music, vocals, and techno music genres. However, the headset is not very good when it comes to listening classical music genre. A downside here is that this headset doesn’t add noise cancellation.

In a nutshell, the Phiaton MS 400 might be very similar to the Monster Beats by Dr. Dre, but it sure is cheaper in cost. It can surely be a worthy replacement against its costly competitors.

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