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PicCard 1.3 now available for iPhone

By on June 12, 2009

piccard-iphone-13Here is some good news for iPhone users. They can now express their personal feelings to their loved ones in a unique way. They can send personal photos and postcards to their friends, families and relatives staying in a distance land. This is possible due to the incorporation of a new application, known as PicCard 1.3.

Pindropper has developed this application, which will be available for iPhone and iPod touch. With this addition, both iPhone and iPod touch have further expanded their service packs for the customers.

As its reviews, the PicCard 1.3 will empower the customers to develop and send personal printed photographs to their friends, families and relatives anytime they like. They can also send postcards. It does not matter where your contacts are staying. The PicCard 1.3 enables you to send your favored stuffs to your friends staying in any city or country.

The PicCard 1.3 application is very simple and interesting. Sending postcard or picture is quite simple. The whole you need is selecting a picture and write the mailing address and then send the same. You can send to your friends.

The Pindropper application can carry your postcards any where in the world. You just need to write the address. The PicCard 1.3 is run by Google App Engine. It also enables background uploads. With the help of these features, the new application sends your postcards or photographs at a great speed.

To access this service, you must have version 2 or latest of iPhone or iPod touch. You should have also a PayPal account to make payment for sending photos or postcards. Apple will soon introduce its payment system for the service.

The PicCard application has hit the United States iTunes Store. Its price is just $0.99. However, if you send the cards to foreign country, then it costs $1.50.

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