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Qwikker intros iPlaces for iPhone and iPod touch

By on June 12, 2009

qwikker-iplacesQwikker  has announced the launch of its unique marketing tool for iPhone and iPod users. Dubbed as iPlaces, the new application enables customers to send fully branded content over iPhone and iPod touch directly to their contacts.

The iPlaces is an ideal blend of hardware and software solution along with web-based application, which uses wireless hotspots. The application enables you to stay connected with your fellow iPhone and iPod users at any iPlaces-powered hotspot.

With iPlaces, you will be able to access to a content site or a purchase page. You can also download the content. It costs nothing. The Qwikker application enables you to you’re your content for marketing.

The iPlaces application is highly useful for the consumer brands and location owners including outdoor advertising companies and retailers. Using the application, they can meet their customers via mobile marketing.

As the features, the innovative application has the ability to send important serve up applications and branded content including video, music, web pages, mobile coupons and more. The developers and sellers will be immensely benefited by using the iPlace service because it will enable them to market their applications.

With iPlaces, the developers can extend managed custom landing pages into the Apple Store from important places and events. They can meet the potential buyers by announcing budgetary details and location details. Non only that, they can also develop a new revenue model to their locations.

The iPlace service is very attractive. Its usages are simple and understandable. Anyone having Apple’s iphone or iPod or even BlackBerry or laptops can connect to a location where iPlace has presence and then develop their networking. The service is effective in WiFi environment. You will be able to meet the potential buyers for your product or services.

With this integration, the Apple iPhone and iPod will bound to lure the customers.

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