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Razer Mako Speaker System Reviews

By on November 10, 2009

razer_makoIf you want to go over the top with multimedia speakers than look no further than Razer’s Mako. For an ultimate gaming experience these speakers provide THX Ground Plane and HD digital amplifiers. These technologies help enhance audio clarity by removing distortion. The design is alien because it does not look like a conventional speaker system; three matte black balls for speakers are implausible to look at.

The three speaker balls are connected to each other via Razer’s own cables making them easier to carry around. The sub woofer can be connected to the two satellite speakers and a 3.5mm cable can be connected to your laptop or desktop. A touch sensitive volume control knob adds to its remarkable features, the leveling of the volume is shown by the blue and red back lights. It is suggested by experts to place the speakers at least 6 inches away from walls.

The reason behind the distance is complex. The THX technology integrated in the Mako can bounce audio waves off the surface of the wall and at the same time create low frequency sounds. For enthusiastic gamers the Mako provides a better experience, noises of blazing guns, car racing noises are very realistic. The vibrations created are immense and can easily rattle objects on a desktop table. When listening to music the amazing bass literally would thump your body with vibrations.

The Razer Mako is a very competent 2.1 speaker system ensuring a robust build quality and exceptional sound. Watching movies and video streaming on your laptop can be as good as sitting in theater. Testing the product in an average size master bedroom revealed astounding results, with sound reaching each corner of the room and effectively minimizing distortions.


The amazing bass coupled together with THX technology and audio clarity in the Mako is worthwhile. The Razer Mako is definitely a high end speaker system; although due to its size it may require more space than most standard speaker systems. At US$ 299 it is a tad bit expensive, but unquestionably lives up to its promises. Overall it hardly has any flaws and can be a very good investment.


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