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Samsung Galaxy Ace Vs. HTC Wildfire S

By on April 19, 2012

HTC has been trying really well to achieve success which Samsung got pretty quickly, majorly because of its Galaxy series phones. Today, Samsung is the one of the largest producers of smartphones in the world. Galaxy series of phones from the manufacturer have been a super-duper hit.

HTC is also moving up the ladder, but at a slower pace. The products from HTC are really worth their price and give neck-to-neck competition to smartphones from all the other competitors, whether it is Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, or anyone else.

samsung galaxy ace vs. htc wildfire s

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Today, we do a comparison between two mid-segment phones from Samsung and HTC. Contender from Samsung’s side is Samsung Galaxy Ace, and the opponent is HTC Wildfire S. Both the handsets feature Android operating system and are equally good in their respective departments. Come, let us have a deeper look at both these handsets, and compare them, feature by feature.

Features Comparison Between Samsung Galaxy Ace and HTC Wildfire S

Form Factor and Design

In terms of looks, we would say that both the phones are pretty impressive. Where Galaxy Ace clearly resembles the other Galaxy members, Wildfire S has more of a classy and sophisticated look. Neither of the handsets is gaudy. Samsung Galaxy Ace measures 112.4 mm in length, 59.9 mm in breadth, and just 11.5 mm in thickness.

samsung galaxy ace features

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It weighs 113 grams only. On the other hand,HTC Wildfire S stands a little smaller with length of 101.3 mm, breadth of 59.4 mm, and thickness of 12.4 mm. Wildfire, being lighter in weight at 105 grams, is thicker than the Galaxy Ace. Samsung has an image of packing things very well.

htc wildfire s features

Photo Credit: Chip.ua/testy/mobilnye-ustroistva/mobilnye-telefony/htc-wildfire-s

On a whole, Wildfire S has a look that very closely resembles the original Wildfire. We would give the Galaxy Ace more points here because of its solid and easily-holdable-in-hand form. So, winner for form factor is Samsung Galaxy Ace.


However, display of both the phones is really nice, but only when looked singly. When you light up both the phones in dark, HTC Wildfire S is surely going to grab more eyeballs. Galaxy Ace has a larger display at 3.5 inches featuring TFT capacitive touchscreen having a resolution of 320 x 480 pixels. Pixel or dot density on this screen is 164 pixels per inch, which is pretty low as compared to Wildfire S’ 180. For the screen size, Wildfire S has a smaller screen at 3.2 inches, but has the same resolution of 320 x 480 pixels.

samsung galaxy ace features

Photo Credit: Myinfomobile.blogspot.in/2012/04/samsung-galaxy-ace-reviews.html

Galaxy Ace features the Samsung’s TouchWiz 3.0 user interface along with scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass. It also has a multi-touch input along with accelerometer sensor. Wildfire S also carries the same features (Gorilla Glass and accelerometer) along with HTC’s Sense user interface. Because of higher pixels per inch and better picture quality, Wildfire S scores more at this front.

htc wildfire s

Photo Credit: Htcclub.ru/catalog/wildfire_s/


The Samsung Galaxy Ace has been equipped with ARM 11 processor resonating at 800 megahertz on the Qualcomm MSM7227 chipset. To boost the graphics, it fits in an adreno 200 GPU. On the other hand, processor of Wildfire S is an upgrade from its original version – Wildfire; it clocks at 600 megahertz.

However, the quality cannot be compared with high-end phones, both the phones deliver a decent performance. Because Galaxy Ace has a stronger processor along with a dedicated graphics processing unit, it is preferred over the HTC Wildfire S. Therefore, winner in this department is Samsung’s Galaxy Ace.


The Galaxy Ace disappoints a little here because it has RAM of just 158 MB. Furthermore, it does not have any internal memory of its own, which means the storage is entirely on the micro SD cards. However, the handset is delivered with a 2 GB micro SD card, it can support up to 32 GB of it.

samsung galaxy ace

Photo Credit: Cellphone-reviews.whatisthetrend.net/samsung-phones/galaxy-ace-s5830-review.html

On the other hand, Wildfire S has an internal storage capacity of 512 MB; it also has a RAM of 512 MB. Additionally, there is a micro SD card slot which can support up to 32 GB of it. Whatever be the case, it is always better that the phone has a better RAM and at least some memory of its own. Nothing outstanding here, but HTC Wildfire S clearly wins the fight in this department.

htc wildfire s

Photo Credit: Plaza.unas.hu/plaza_art.php?cat=2246,1,0,HTC

Operating System

HTC has been very quick on delivering the Wildfire S with 2.3 (Gingerbread) version of Android operating system. Samsung, on the other hand, delivers Ace with 2.2 (Froyo) version of Android. Where there are some phones with even 4.0 version of Android OS, 2.2 stands nearly obsolete. Thankfully, it can be upgraded to the higher versions.

Because Gingerbread is a vast improvement from the Froyo, it is always preferred over the latter. The 2.3 version is far better than the 2.2 for quick and smooth multi-tasking. At this stage, we would consider that Wildfire S is better equipped as compared to the Galaxy Ace. In any case, if Ace is upgraded to 2.3, the fight in the operating system department comes to a draw.


In the department of camera, both the phones sport a 5-megapixel camera. Ace’s camera has a resolution of 2592 x 1944 pixels and supports QVGA video calling. It also sports features like LED flash, auto-focus, geo-tagging, face detection, and smile detection. It does not have a secondary camera, though.

The Wildfire S has LED flash, auto-focus and geo-tagging, but lacks face and smile detection. Again, it does not have a secondary camera and supports VGA video capture. All in all, Galaxy Ace’s camera has more features than that of Wildfire S, therefore it goes ahead in this round, too.

Prices of Samsung Galaxy Ace and HTC Wildfire S

Both the Galaxy Ace and Wildfire S, off-contract, cost around $250.

Final Word

If you have zeroed down on these two phones and do not have any other option to choose from, because Samsung has won the contest in more departments, we would suggest you to go for Samsung Galaxy Ace. However, neither of the phones is outstandingly quick and uber cool, we will need to be contented with the fact that we are looking at the mid-segment phones.

Phones from other manufacturers, more or less, have same features, but Samsung, because of its expertise and better understanding of market, has designed and developed amazing products for each and every type of customer. In this segment, too, Samsung has scored over HTC, and definitely over other phones in this category. The only drawback we could find with the phone was unavailability of internal memory. Other than this, Samsung Galaxy, for this category, is truly amazing.

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