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Samsung Jitterbug J reviews – an excellent phone for the elderly

By on July 13, 2009

samsung-jitterbug-jIt was about in 2006 that Samsung came out with its first Jitterbug phone. The phone was special in the fact that it was largely a device for the seniors. The initial models of the phone belonged to the category of Samsung Jitterbug One Touch and Samsung Jitterbug Dial family. These models sported large keys and big dials, a feature most likely to be cherished by old people.

Importantly, these models were designed only for important purposes like making calls and receiving them. In a step ahead of this, Samsung has launched its Jitterbug J, a device that has many additional features as compared to the old models. The two features that are incorporated in the new model Jitterbug J are Bluetooth support and text messaging.

Samsung has collaborated with a variety of major CDMA service providers to provide coverage for this model. The device is a clamshell handheld that measures about 4 inches by 2 inches by 1 inch and weighs around 4.4 ounces. You get to choose between white and dark gray colored models. The phone supports an inch big external display. Just expect to know basic details like date, time, and caller ID through this external display.

You will feel quite comfortable holding the phone in your hands. You will hear a dial tone the moment you open the Jitterbug J. As far as the main screen is concerned, it is 2.2 inches big and supports 65,000 colors. The screen is very colorful and looks vibrant to the elderly eyes. You cannot put up wallpaper and as far as customization is concerned, you can merely change the color of borders on your home screen.

In terms of features, Jitterbug J is a very basic device. The phone can hold up to 50 numbers in the phone book. You can add, change entries in the phone book manually or automatically through the Jitterbug Web site. You also get the option of voice mail for around $3 a month. The features of text messaging and Bluetooth have also been incorporated in this model. The Jitterbug J offers a battery life of 3 hours in terms of talk time. The Samsung Jitterbug J is available at a price of $147.

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  • Melvin

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  • John Canedy

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