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Samsung launches rugged Marine phone

By on July 8, 2009

samsung-marineb2100Samsung has landed in Indian market with the launch of its latest outdoor phone, known as Samsung Marine (B2100). The submersible phone comes featured with a chic design and resounding durability.

Besides, Samsung Marine B2100 also has the capacity of eliminating bumps, bangs and scrapes. It is water-resistant and dust-proof through the shock urethane material case.

Samsung Marine B2100 comes compiled with the IP57 certification, whereby it is proved that the phone is dust-proof. It doesn’t face any problem if submerged into one meter of water for almost half an hour.

It is also included with the (MIL-STD-810F) Military Standard 810F of the US Defence department. It means that the phone is fully protected against the harsh sand, rain, fog, humidity, and extremely cold and hot temperatures.

Boasting of the phone, Sunil Dutt, Country Head, Samsung Mobile Division, was quoted to have said that Samsung Marine is a perfect buddy for the people who like to take full advantage of active outdoor activities.

As the reviews, Samsung Marine B2100, a submersible phone, also boasts various multimedia features, such as camera, built-in FM radio, camcorder and music player. Plus, it comes with 8GB of expandable memory. You can also use the device to listen music, capture photos and do other electrifying things. Simply, the mobile device is going to make your life worth enjoying.

Product innovation has always been the central part of Samsung’s marketing strategy. The new products ‘Solar Guru’ and ‘Samsung Marine’ stand for company’s promise towards innovation in the mobile segment.

Samsung Marine also comes included with outdoor friendly features like loud external speakers, flash light and noise cancellation. So, you will surely like to take full advantage of the multimedia features. At the same time, you are also allowed to perform outdoor activities. The Samsung Marine can be availed in two colors.

They are red and green colors. You can select any color of your choice. The hi-tech mobile gadget, which features several useful applications, has hit the Indian market. You can own it for a price of Rs 7030.

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  • http://www.sarp.com malik

    i brought this shit for free but i reject cuz its so heavy and fat and hard to put in the pocket…….its a cow duk….camera is like sittng on a wild donkey and takeing a picture..(result of camera less then 1.0mp) and hard keypad like pressing a hard matel.

  • http://www.vop.com.pk mudassar

    What do you expect from something so hard, that would be shock and water resistant. It has to be like this…:)

  • Legov Lam

    Is this a paid review?

    It would be good to know what downsides there are to the phone. I find the person who wrote the first comment to be more helpful when describing the hardness of the keys and the clunkiness of the unit.

  • http://www.reviewunit.com reviewunit

    Samsung always comes up with innovative ideas. Samsung GURU was also a striking innovation and MARINE seems to be a tougher and bigger product. Specially in a country like INDIA, this is an awesome product.

  • Danny

    Bought one 3-4 weeks ago. Here are my comments :

    Since every one wants price first – Rs 4450 at Mobile Store in Shoppers Stop

    Strengths :
    1] Lot of features – some nifty ones like
    a] Time of day when you want the keypad light to come on
    b] Flexible alarm settings
    c] When making a call, numbers appear at the bottom of the screen as you type so that you can select
    2] Pressing any button switches on the backlight – very useful since you do not have to unlock first.
    3] Brilliant torch
    4] The voice quality is generally good

    Could do better :
    1] Biggest design flaw : The charging and hands-free/FM radio port are the same. So either you charge or you use hands-free/radio – you cant do both. Effectively, cant use it for long calls using hands-free and simultaneously charge it
    2] Battery life seems highly over-stated in the specs – I used it once with the hand-free for a few minutes and the battery just ran down to a bar from four bars
    3] Since this is meant for rugged use, a fluorescent border would have really helped
    4] Ok camera – if you want to take good quality pictures, buy a proper camera ?
    5] Using Tasks in the organizer is cumbersome for one-time reminders – better to set an alarm
    6] FM radio reception ok
    7] Very sketchy manual – I have found a lot of the features just through trial and error

    Incidentally, I do not think it is clunky. It has a good feel to it, adn neither are the keys shard as to be inconvenient. Yes, typing speed is a little slow but it is tolerable.

  • Gaurav Kumar

    Very Bad. Handset automatically get switched off after 1 hour of Full Charging. Worst Battery Backup. Never suggest anybody to buy this phone.

  • Gaurav Kumar

    Very Poor Battery Backup. I dont suggest anybody buy this phone. Phone switch off only after 10 hours without making any call.

  • Tthidrai

    Good mobile, and can be handled in rainy seasons too, no fear, move for this

  • chandan

    Hey this Marine is quite simple and its known for those who use to preffer a DURABLE and in other words its BASIC cell for ROUGH and TOUGH handlers.

    This is a very unseen cell ever innovative thinking abt this marine with all the additional features as requried. i’m Enjoying with tis MARINE all those prevoius cmds try to buy GENIUNE products and pass ur comments.