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Sanwa 32GB USB Flash Drive with eSATA connector

By on May 30, 2009

sanwa32gbUSB flash drives have become an everyday device since past few years. USB flash drives has taken almost every pocket, being an essential device needed in our daily life – be it office or home. But, Sanwa stands ahead from others by introducing its new range of USB flash drive, which happens to be an amazing piece of technology in today’s increasing needs.

The recently rolled out 32 GB USB flash drive from the house of Sanwa is featured with an additional eSATA connector on the other end of a normal USB flash drive. But the saddest part of it is being the availability of the new USB/eSATA flash drive, which is limited to Japan only at present.

The Sanwa USB flash drive offers you with a transfer speed of up to 75 MB/sec, provided that your PC have an external eSATA port in it. In cases when you need faster speed, the eSATA connection works as an alternative as it offers you with a much more transfer speed than USB 2.0.

The two new memory key as launched by Sanwa are 600-UZ16G and 600-UZ32G, which offers both USB and eSATA connector. When used in eSATA, the memory key proposes a transfer speed of up to 75 MB/sec, as claimed by the company.

The Sanwa 32 GB USB flash drive with an eSATA connector is supposed to be available in 16 and 32 GB capacities and will be available in Japan only initially. Although there is no news of the price tag, but it is expected to be launched with a price not much higher that a normal everyday USB flash drive. With unannounced price and availability limited to Japan, the Sanwa’s new 32 GB USB flash drive with an additional eSATA connector is surely to market the world with its great feature.

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