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Sony’s new Bravia TVs beat Sharp’s LCD HDTVs

By on January 28, 2010

Though recently-launched LCD HDTVs from Sharp might have left you taken aback, but Sony’s new Bravia TV lines also doesn’t lack in any ways, and with their beautiful shape they could also leave you in awe. The brand new Bravia series consists of EX500, EX300 and EX700 including a lot of TV models all and sundry.

The EX300 comes included with three models, like; the KDL-26EX300, KDL-22EX300, KDL 32EX300. These TVs are respectively of the sizes of 26-, 22-, and 32-inch, besides, they would also be coming the resolution of around 1,366 x 768. Dipped in white, brown, pink and black colors, these TVs have been priced between $770 and $990, but they are slated to be made available in February 25.

The EX500 boasts of just one model, called KDL-40XE500, which is sized 40-inch, and is said to offer a resolution of around 1,920 x 1,080. Coming in only black shade, the new device is priced around $1,400 and is scheduled to be shipped in the marked on February 25.

And if we talk about the line of EX700, then, guys, you would have to shell out more for these beautiful babies as they have a lot more specs to offer you that you could not find in the TVs above. So, the specs sheet of these new bees include LED-backlit display, 1,920 x 1,080 resolution, 120Hz, DLNA/DTCP-IP connectivity, YouTube support, 2 composite ports, 4 HDMI ports, PC input, Ethernet connectivity and USB port. Irrespective of these, the new models with superior or enhanced specs also save a lot of energy as they exploit a white LED backlighting system, which help them be energy-efficient. Last but not the least, these models are also said to be thin enough as they are just 22mm.

The EX700 series, sporting a few hottest big screen TV technology of Sony, also boasts of providing you with enhanced dark tones, better sharp images, optimal noise reduction and an ambient light sensor, which can handle issues related brightness throughout the day.

The EX700 series has four 32- to 50-inch models: which are known as KDL-40EX700, KDL-32EX700, KDL-52EX700 and KDL-46EX700 and all these four modes come with the price that starts from $1,300 and $3,300. Similar to the EX500 and EX300 series, these four models can also be availed in stores from February 25.

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  • mac

    can bravia ex300 play the audio of television channels to it’s home theater speakers? please leave comments and if there’s any solution to this problem, please instruct me. thanks

  • Jon

    Hi…i know the ex500 can…there are two rca holes on the right hand side bottom of back of tv..i plugged that into my tuner on my amp and all sound from any source will go to your speakers..should be able to do with your tv….turn your tv on and your amp on tuner…plug the lead into tuner inputs and see what happens…cheers

  • jaskanwar sodhi

    i have bought a sony bravia kdl 32ex300. this is an amazing experience to watch any thing on it. the colour contrast is very good