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Sony SMP-N100 Network Media Player Hooks You Up to BRAVIA Internet Video

By on October 14, 2010

The Apple TV must be fresh in our memory. A similar attempt has been made by Sony this time. Seeing the growing popularity of BRAVIA Internet TV, Sony has launched a new SMP-N100 network media player with WiFi connectivity to home network.

Simply put, SMP-N100 will enable you to enjoy online video and audio content at every corner of your home via WiFi. This launch would widen the horizon of online content viewing for the users. The all-new SMP-N100 sports DLNA compatibility so that you can stream as many as online video content and audio content.

SMP-N100 has BRAVIA Internet video link integrated into it that will allow easy access to BBC iPlayer, Demand Five and more in addition to YouTube. The users will also be able to rent movies via SMP-N100.

Qriocity-powered Video On Demand feature of SMP-N100 gives access to latest as well as classic Hollywood flicks instantly on demand. These movies will support both HD and standard definition format.

SMP-N100 is compatible with HD audio codecs. With HDMI output, users will be able to fully enjoy 1080p video on a bigger screen. Users’ viewing experience will also be complemented with Dolby Digital Plus and dts 2.0+ Digital Out. But SMP-N100 lacks eSATA connection.

SMP-N100 is not only compatible with BRAVIA Internet Video, but also with formats such as DivXHD, AVCHD and MKV. This is a win-win situation over the Apple TV as the latter does not possess it. It also features IP Content Noise Reduction, proprietary to Sony, for a better streaming of video.

The XrossMedia Bar makes the accessibility of features on SMP-N100 extremely simple. The XrossMedia bar is available as on-screen menus or free applications for iPod Touch/ iPhone or any other device based on Android.

Scheduled to hit the market in the month of October, SMP-N100’s price details have not been released so far. However, in the UK market, it is expected to be priced at £129.

The rumors have that after certain discount, SMP-N100 may have a price similar to that of Roku HD Sans, WD TV Live Plus and the Popbox, i.e. $100. However to mitigate the competition from Apple TV that is soon come down to $99, Sony will be required to price SMP-N100 accordingly.

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  • Matthew

    what are the plusses of buying the sony smp-n100 to go with my dish satalite box? everything that i want to watch is already on dish.