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Symbian Goes 100% Open Source

By on February 23, 2010

Popular mobile operating system Symbian recently opted to go 100% Open Source with its latest release, Symbian^3. Used with Nokia smartphones and some other advanced mobile phones; Symbian is one of the toughest competitors of Google Android and Windows OS in smartphone market. With the launch of Google’s open source Android OS last year, Nokia had to go for an open approach with Symbian^3, as reports suggest. Nokia has been developing the source code of Symbian^3 for almost a year now.

Dynamic growth of Nokia’s smartphone market is expected with Symbian^3 going open source. As there are more than 30 million users with Symbian based mobile phones in the world, we can assume that Symbian^3 won’t need any special publicity when it is launched. With Nokia opting to make the source code available freely on the internet, we can expect tons of user-oriented applications being designed within months of its release. Market experts believe that Symbian will follow the trend of Apple’s frenzy with iPod apps and Nokia’s Ovi store will be spawning with millions of applications to choose from.

Nokia is expecting a sale of at least 10 million Symbian^3-based products this year. A few mobile manufacturers other than Nokia have also shown interesting in having Symbian^3 as host operating system for their upcoming mobile phones. It is still unclear if Symbian^3 will be available with any other models than Nokia’s. With Nokia expecting to get its first Symbian^3 handset out in market late this year, the competition in smartphone market would get a lot more interesting. Ultimately, consumers would be benefited as prices for high-end mobile phones would drop as a direct result.

Finding bugs and loopholes in Symbian^3 would be facilitated with open source nature as global developers would be working on applications and softwares that are compatible with the new host operating system for Nokia mobiles. Google’s Android has also developed incredibly over past few months with considerable upgrades in UI, security and other aspects. We can expect other technical details of Symbian^3 to be available very soon and Nokia is expected to make an official announcement about their first handset with Symbian^3 as host OS in next few months.

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