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T-Mobile Puts Opera Mini on Its Handsets

By on November 11, 2010

With the Internet going mobile, every one of us dreams of a web browser that gives the desired results in seconds and with much less effort. 

Considering the same craze among its users, T-Mobile has recently made it official that Opera Mini browser will soon sport in the phone series of T-Mobile.

Opera Mini – a free mobile web browser supported by Java – has created a sensation in the mobile browsing world recently and T-Mobile could not help but be a partner in this celebration of Opera Mini’s success. T-Mobile has stated that Opera Mini will be seen in up to 8 phone models and users can download the specific browser version for each of them.

As Opera Mini has been included officially in T-Mobile’s phones, users will identify the browser with better UI. That means, the Opera Mini browser on these T-Mobile handsets would account for faster web browsing even while on the move. T-Mobile claims that on the new browsers, users would not distinguish between the smoothness offered while web browsing and while on the move.

With the vast expanse of social networking sites and the growing need for being in touch with your work e-mails, current updates, news and feeds, users have started demanding a faster web browser with advanced UI. Seeing the same view, T-Mobile has bestowed its feature phones with smartphone-like UI with the help of Opera Mini.

Opera Mini browser packs an exceptional compression technology that shrinks the web pages by almost 90% prior to viewing on the handset. This would cut down your WAP data bills by at least 60%.

On the other hand, Opera claims that users will have blazing speed even if their handsets have EDGE network connectivity or 2.5G connectivity.  Undoubtedly Opera Mini is the choice of more than 71.2 million customers across the globe.

In the meanwhile, T-Mobile has also released the list of phones in which the Opera Mini web browser will be integrated. The list includes models like Nokia 2330, Nokia 3711, Nokia 5130, Nokia 2330, Nokia 2720, Nokia E73 Mode, Samsung T659, Samsung T239 and Sony Ericsson Equinox.

Users can download the Opera Mini version for their specific phones from m.opera.com.

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