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Virgin Media Preparing Online VOD Service

By on March 31, 2010

There are big names involved in online entertainment like Sky and BBC iPlayer but all of them lack functionality as none of them has kept user’s demand in mind while developing their products. Virgin though is coming up with new idea and it has not named it yet but the idea looks good and people are really looking forward to it. This will raise the sense of competition in other companies as well and the only beneficiaries will be the users because they will be at the receiving end of the quality service and Virgin’s launch will give them more options as well.

BBC iPlayer is acclaimed name in online and mobile entertainment and behind it is Sky and Virgin will have to put some effort to get in competition. At the IPTV world forum, Virgin was very clear about launching its new player which will be user friendly and will have better functionality and will let users watch their favorite shows on their mobile and online.

As the review, the player will have click to watch functionality and will give user experience like never before. Virign is determined to provide matchless user experience to its viewers and wants to get things right from the start. Virgin’s player well let users to search their favorite programs and watch them whenever they want. Virgin has said that it wants to take advantage of the technology improvements in the recent years.

Virgin has also mentioned that HD will be an important and key feature in its upcoming product and it is determined to provide high quality entertainment to the users on their televisions, online and mobile.

Virgin for the start of this service has not announced specific date but it will be launched soon. It will be available in 3rd or 4th quarter of this year. Virgin has delayed to give its player a name which means it wants to keep it unique and users searching for anything like “Virgin on Demand” or “Virgin Player” on Google will not get any result. The name will be announced sometime near the launch date. Thanks to Virgin we can now expect better options for VOD services.

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